Donation via WordPress plugin

By using the following address, I think you can donate to me probably :

It is made with PayPal and WordPress donations plugin.
The reason why I wrote "probably" in the sentence above is that since it can't be used from Japan, I can't test it.
First, donation with PayPal can't be used in Japan by using normal ways.
Second, normally buy-now-button can be created in the PayPal HomePage by using Button Making Tool.
But only Donation Button in the listbox for the Button Making Tool does not appear in Japan PayPal HomePage.
So Japanese can't create donation Button by using the Button Making Tool.
Third, though there are such difficulty as I've written above, somehow the donation plugin for WordPress can be used in Japan, too.
That is very the above linked WebPage.
I've tested the above linked WebPage just until I reached about the end of the way.
But I can't know whether the whole things works fine.